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Finalé Audio by Triode Lab Ltd

Finalé F-3008 Stereo Integrated Amplifier

  • 300B Reference Grade Stereo Amplifier
  • Single Ended Triode (Direct Heated)
  • 8 Watts + Pure Class A
  • Full suit of Finale Canada Transformers (4 Pcs) Starting 2016
  • Mundorf Germany MCAP Supreme Coupling Caps (Default)
  • CMC usa RCA Inputs
  • Alps Japan Volume Pot
  • Furutech Gold IEC
  • JJ Tesla Oversized Power Supply E-CAP
  • Lorlin UK Selector Switch
  • Binding Posts 0-8 / 16 Ohm (4 Ohm optional)
  • Standard Finish : Triode Lab's Orange / Satin Black /Classic Dark Gray Gloss / Hammertone Silver-Gray, or 6,500 Other Colours : $350 / Car Paints $500 (Lead time required)
  • Ultra heavy duty gauge chassis made by aluminum (1-2 gauge thicker than norm)
  • 12" W X 23" D* X 7-10"H*   Close to 50 lbs for shipping due to the larger and heavy transformers.
  • Custom Paint / Transformer / Parts Available
  • Let us know what you want us to build around, and we will work out hard on the pricing for you.

How do you start to write up a technical description of a high-end tube amp whose design is unlike most others? We just want to keep it short, so we’re just going to start by saying – this amplifier is the product of our 30 years + ongoing research and tuning around the 300B tube. From the custom-tailored James power transformer and high-quality potted choke transformer, this is easily one of the quietest 300B amplifiers on the market. Special attention is paid to the pre-amplifier stages, and our design shows off the 12AX7 tubes – a pair of high quality ones will take it to an even higher level! The output transformers on any tube amps is crucial, much like the transmission on a race car – the better it is, the more output to the wheels – and the James transformers we use are NOT just good, but exceptional in getting the most out of this 300B tube. Nice extended highs and a quiet soundscape are guaranteed, while delivering a solid 8 watts Class A power, before measurements show any signal distortion.



  • Rated Output: 8 W + 8 W (Max)
  • Operation: Class A Single Ended Triode Auto bias
  • Speaker Outputs: 4 / 8 ohm (16 Optional)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 1% at Rated Output (Varies on different brand/model of transformers)
  • Hum & Noise (A-Weight): 88 db or better at rated output
  • Frequency Response: + 0 - 2 db (At 1 Watt Reference Power Output from 20-20,000 hz)
  • Input Sensitivity and Impedance: Main Input - 500 mv / 100k ohm
  • Footprint: 13” W x 10” D x 8” H+ (Walnut Edition)
  • Shipping weight : 15+ lbs
  •  Preamp Tubes: 12AX7 Pair + 6SN7 Pair
  • Power Tubes: 300-B Matched Pair
  • Rectifier Tube: 5U4 or 5V4
  • Manual (PDF)

MSRP $5,500 USD

(Local dealer might priced differently due to expensive shipping cost, ask your dealer for discount)


F-3008S (Discontinued)

Custom paint-job : LEFT - Porsche Burgandy Metallic, MIDDLE - Porsche Pure Blue, RIGHT - Porsche Nordic Gold Metallic

F-3008S - with further customization to have a unique piece-of art deco hifi equipment in your home.

Upgrades also guaranteed to include:

  • Triode Lab Model .38 Output Transformers (Custom in house design transformer to excel the 300B tube)
  • Mundorf Germany's Supreme Silver Oil Caps
  • CMC Binding Post (or upgradable to Cardas)
  • Alps Japan BLUE Velvet Volume Potentiometer
  • QQQ Japan rectifier tube socket
  • Mundorf M-Lytic HV E-Cap

MSRP $6,250 USD

FFX Edition Available:

  • Top of the line 8 Watts-11W(Max) Pure Class A (Depends selection of output transformers)
  • FFX Limited Edition Power Amp / Developed complete with full suit of exotic Hashimoto transformers   or   Triode Lab 300B Power Transformer (Made in Canada to finest for specific 300B uses)
  • FFX Silent Ground Technology - Thru optimal grounding network design and parts layout, along with best power supply materials for the best hum and noise control to yield the best S/N ratio.
  • FFX V-max  Tunings - All FFX models are special unleashed by us with all its special advantage over its exotic grade parts and settings, which allow us to remapped the entire circuitry for its maximum "valves" output power and quality, both numbers and aural. 
  • Hashimoto Output Transformers

  • Hashimoto Choke Transformer

  • Hashimoto or Triode Lab Power Transformer

  • Mundorf Silver in Oil Coupling Caps, or Silver & Gold Oil Coupling Caps For the Hi Eff Speakers Applications

  • Mundorf EVO Oil Coupling Caps For the Drivers, to replace Nichicon Caps of Japan

  • Mundorf M-Lytic E Cap or the Flagship MTUBECAP Power Supply Cap (Optional)

  • Cardas  Binding Posts

  • Cardas Rhodium RCAs

  • Furutech Rhodium IEC (Fuse optional)

  • Alps Blue Japan Volume Pot / Lorlin UK Selector Switch, or DACT Stepped Volume Control / Selector (Optional)

  • Soundcoat Damping Sheet (bottom plate)

  • Triode Lab's FFX - Orange or Custom Paint Your Favourite Color (3 months wait time)

  • MSRP $7,995+ USD (Depends transformers)


as well, Stereo Parallel Single Ended 300B Dual-Mono Power Amplifier - F-3008 PDM - FFX

  • 16 - 20 Watts Class A Autobias
  • MSRP $13,999 USD Power Amp / $14,999 USD Integrated
  • Complete suit of Hashimoto (Sansui) Transformers. Limited. Made to Orders Only. Lead time required.Pure copper chassis available.
  • Your choice of Porsche or Mercedes Benz paint or copper chassis.
  • Pricing NOT INCLUDING 3" Foam Vault / Triple Layer Cartoon Box / Optional Wood-crate Shipping Arrangement. 60 lbs+

  • DACT / ELNA / TKD Grade Vol Control / Selector Switch
  • Choice of Cardas Rhodium Connectors or Furutech Carbon Fibre Binding Posts
  • Mundorf High End Caps/ Furutech Rhodium AC Inlet / CMC USA 2A3 Tube Sockets / QQQ Japan Industrial Grade Tube Socket (Rectifier Tube)


Total of 6 Pcs transformers and 2 rectify tube on same chassis as F-3008 (= Heavy), Pure Dual Mono design (Each channel is individually feed,drive and supplied), and each 300B is further feed, cooled, regulated by its own stage of circuitry. Same top of the line upgraded parts as above FFX, BUT M tube Cap might replaced with DUAL M-Lytic E-Caps due to limited space. 6SL7 will be used instead of 6SN7 for quieter / better drive

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