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Finalé F-168 Stereo Tube Integrated Amplifier

Quick Fact:

  • 8W + 8W Rms @ 8 Ohms 
  • Push Pull Pentode Auto bias Class AB
  • Powered by one quad of 6BM8/ECL82 Tubes
  • A.D.F.S Technology (Automatic Differential Feedbacks System) - By applying positive and negative feedbacks together at the same time, to maintain the best control and stability, while having minimum phase and sound shift for the most realistic sound playbacks. This is perhaps the most advanced design of its kind on the entire market!
  • 14"W X 9"D X 7"H Approximately

Parts Highlights:

  • EDCOR (USA) Output Transformers 6 Ohms (8 Ohms available on request / Free)
  • Custom EDCOR proprietary power transformer (Way over-sized)
  • Voltage Doubler Power Supply Design
  • Mundorf Evo Standard Coupling Caps
  • Standard 3 Inputs (Starting 2015) with high quality selector switch with metal body and shaft.
  • High quality RCA Inputs ( 3 Inputs)
  • High quality plastic binding post 6 or 8 Ohms
  • High quality ceramic socket
  • High quality copper wires for signal path
  • Finished in True-North White
  • BRAND NAME PARTS: Including, or : Nichicon/Panasonic/Rubycon/Dale/Vishay/Yageo/Elna/United Chemi-Con/Murata/TDK/Caddock/Ohmite/Orange Drop ...etc All tested and authentic, purchased from North American authorized re-sellers.

MSRP $1,899 USD / $2,399 CAD

Optional N-SPEC Upgrade : A wolf in a sheep's clothing!

Available starting 2017 : $2,099 USD / $2,699 CAD - A new Niagara design in F-168 clothing; a wolf in a sheep's clothing. Power upgrade to 10W Max, with upgraded power supply and grounding circuitry design, including same high end regulating circuitry found on the Niagara, which allow the most accurate voltage and supply for each tube to boost its potential and even wear. This compact tube integration is often used as a pocket reference for us on different occasions and speakers tuning, it is also hand-built to last!

F-168 Tube Integrated Amplifier Quick User Manual


Remember the sound of the playback of the big old TV or tube receivers in the past, when the kick-drums of the live band on TV shows sounded realistic, full and really kicking? A lot of those systems were powered by 6BM8/ECL82 tubes - a tube that has both a pre-amp and power tube section in one envelope. We always liked this tube, not just for the memories and nostalgia, but also because it produces a good stereophonic sound.

We use this integrated-amplifier-in-a-tube to power the F-168. The tube is placed in an automatic differential feedback system circuit — to maintain the best control and stability, while having minimum phase and sound shift — for the most realistic sound playback.

Although this is one of our least expensive amplifiers, rest assured that you are purchasing an innovative, well-designed circuit — one that has never been heard in the past nor seen on the market! We bring the same attitude of innovation and striving for excellence to all the products we build, from our entry-level to our high-end models.

Now, take the leap, and get a sip of the high-end tube sound with this F-168!

Looks entry-level and simple, but is high-end enough to be the sole amp of your system.

(Depends how well the end user put the system together)

Click here to watch demo video on youtube Radgear playing the F168 on their Grand turntable and 12" Jensen rear loaded horn.

Customer feedback: (Direct and copy 100%)

"It's been a year (time flies) since I purchased the F-168 and amazingly I still have it, I go thru amps like some go through underwear! I purchased a "EE" with the same tube compliment (6bm8 push pull). Fortunately the seller also included a matched quad of NOS RCA Holland. My goal was to compare the two amps and keep the one that I preferred. The "EE",  that received excellent reviews, to my ear sounded thin in the mid and low frequency range, like a transistorized amp and was blown away by the F-168. Needless to say I sold the "EE", which sold very quickly on A-gon, and kept the F-168 and the RCA tubes which sound excellent in the F-168!"    P. Casalino of NJ - USA


First Time Customer feedback: (Direct and copy 100%)

" I'm writing to say that I've fallen in love with my F168S. It's totally amazing. I've had about 40 amplifiers and I've never heard an amp sound so 'live' and have such an amazing, and realistic, soundstage. It sounded rough at first. At the 100 hour mark, I wasn't sure it was special, and I only keep special amps. But I knew it might need more time. So I was patient. At the 250 mark, me and my favourite amplifier got knocked out. The sound-staging became huge, the treble was no longer splashy, the bass lost it's thud, the performances were real! I'm shocked. I've never heard such a big transformation between new and broken-in before.

This amp is very intense, and therefore not for everyone, but I love it! It has the excitement of real life. The thrill, the sound! Brass instruments are the finest I've ever heard. Ever. I played saxophone (mostly alto, some tenor) for many years, and this little amp recreates them in the most real way I've ever heard!! It's the first amp I've had that nails that sound, and that's saying a whole lot. Note i never emailed you saying this about the 2A3. It's good too, but for my tastes and my system, the 6BM8 is king. Wow! You stumbled on a real gem here. It's my new favourite amplifier, and that doesn't happen often. So I had to tell you. Thank you so much for making it.

Arthur B of Blacksburg, VA, USA

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