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Finalé F-7591 Stereo Tube Power Amplifier

  • Class A 20W + 20W     (22.5 Watt to be exact)
  • S.E.A Driver Design - Award winning driver design with a pair of 12AX7/ECC83
  • Auto bias and the ONLY current production 7591 tube power amp
  • Hammond Canada Power Transformer - Over-sized / capable for higher output tubes such as EL34 application
  • Hammond Canada 190 Series Input Choke - Over-sized, and for a noise free background, as well for a higher definition, clearer and more solid and crisp treble/bass playback
  • Hammond Output Transformers  - which are built better than spec and our top picks regardless price (4/8 Ohms Connected / Selectable thru a switch, free by-pass this switch for purest link)
  • Mundorf Germany Supreme Coupling Caps
  • Furutech Gold IEC Inlet Socket
  • CMC USARCAs Input Jacks (Available upgrades to Cardas)
  • High quality E Caps, resistors, and speaker binding post
  • High quality separated power supply design with solid state rectification and a extra fuse for further protection
  • Heavy duty and classic look design, it is also made to last!
  • Ask for upgrading the output transformers to Hashimoto (Just like the one on Sansui 1000a)
  • Tube cage included

Design Philosophy:

  • The 7591 is a true American tube and a relatively new one! We prefer it over other older 8-pins power tubes due to its efficiency, sweetness and power, thanks to its relatively newer design in comparison. This is a very good tube we like and it was commonly seen on older Sansui, Scott, Fisher, McIntosh, Eico, Heath, Sherwood...etc amps/receiver. And don't underestimate the suggested low power rating And this might be the finest Class A 20 Watts around town money can buy!  It will mate happily with lower efficient speakers / darker sounding speakers! The vivid colours, wide band dynamics, ultra details, quality weighted bass, a dark and well spaced sound-stage...etc all which often would seen on pure Class A amplifiers priced in folds. All you need is a pair of good 12AX7 that matches your system, and this pair of front end tubes is crucial and will dictate to the entire presentations.



6moons by Frederic Beudot

MSRP $2,899 USD (2015)

Starting 2017, F-7591 ST Spec

Those who wants a more compact size and having rectify tube, here is our answer - F-7591 ST


  • Revised 12AX7 Driver (As seen used on the Pentode 6 FFX-666)
  • An extra 5AR4 Rectify Tube
  • Mundorf ECAP
  • QQQ Japan Tube Sockets
  • Canadian choke (inside / under the chassis)
  • 8 Ohms Output
  • Class A Ultra Linear Mode 18W / Pentode 22.5W Class AB with most power in A



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