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HOMAGE-30 MC Phono Stage(Debut soon)

  • Solid state design - although we are the tube experts, but there are more advantages with solid state than tubes for the most quiet operation in this case, and few tubes qualify to the level we wish to shoot for.
  • External power supply, with Canadian power transformer with world wide voltage.
  • Tailor to your cartridge (And if you ever getting a new cart, just send the unit back to us to redial the perfect settings as well a complimentary check up, included to the original up to 2 times)
  • Compact size , roughly 7" long x 3" tall and 4" wide, for the pair.
  • We mastered turntables more than 30 years ago, alot of phono amp designs are made ever since (both for our own enjoyment and OEM), and back then we were fever enough fly all the way to Japan to beg old Mr.K-san for our own cartridge. Here, with the HOMAGE-30 MC Phono Stage, you are getting our finest design and philosophy accumulated in all these years. And this is our favourite MC design from 30 years ago and it just come back to life!
  • This MC amp will be team upbest with our pre-amplifier's onboard phono stage or other high quality phono stage.
  • MSRP $ 4,999 CAD

Debut soon!

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