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Finalé F-120 II  Mono-blocks Amplifier

  • KT88/ 6550 / KT90 / KT100 / KT120 / KT150 (Pair / Block) - Direct Plug & Play*

  • 60 Watts (Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 1% at Rated Output) 65W @ 2% , 68W Max Output

  • Push Pull Class AB1 Pentode Fixed Bias

  • Hum & Noise (A-Weight): BETTER THAN 100 DB! (Read very quiet)

  • 12AX7 X 1 (Per Block) - One of the best preamp tube choice

  • 12BH7 or ECC99 x 1 (Per Block) - Lots of sound tuning choices and availability

  • 5AR4 Rectify Tube (Per Block) - All tubes matched preferred

Our best shot design around with the KT88 / 6550 type tubes in Push Pull configuration. Special attention is paid to the power supply and regulate circuitry, which is added to ensure quiet operation and measurements, a high-quality choke (made in Canada) and dual power supply e-caps are also in place for beating our competitors on the market. And thanks to the high quality and cool running proprietary Canadian power transformer, it will allow the amps to run hours without sweat, but great music. Our output transformers selected is also the best on the market, and are made better than what we expected, from the top to the bottom of the spectrum - it sounds fantastic as well measured grand. To those who wants even higher power, we could choose an even bigger-sized output transformer to get over 80W per channel. Like our other amps, the F120II is made with pride and engineered to last forever. The is the reliable. high end, and exceptional sounding KT88 amp you've been looking for!

Proudly design and engineered in Canada!

Parts Highlights:

  • Mundorf Coupling Caps

  • CMC USA Gold

  • CMC USA Binding Post

  • Furutech Gold IEC

  • JJ Tesla E-Caps (x 2 / block)

  • Hammonds Canada 300 Series Power Transformers (Universal voltages)

  • Hammonds Canada 60W Grade Output Transformers (Upgrade to 100W Grade available)

  • Triode Lab Canada High End Choke Transformer, hand made in Canada with highest quality M6 metals

  • Lots of upgrades and options!

  • Finish : See "NEWS" Page on official Triode Lab / Finale Official Colours, or 6,500 Other Colours : $350 / Car Paints $500 (Lead time required)

*(No tuning required, but simply bias is recommended for every tube change, a simple 3-step bias instruction manual will be provided. Will teach bias the setting closer to Class A, or Class A/B for a more durable tube life)

MSRP $8,995+ USD

Signature versions adds: $2,000

  • Bigger Output Transformers - 100W Rated

  • Remap circuitry for extra power / Re-tune for optimal curve with bigger output transformers ( 70W and 80W Max)

  • Autobias version is available (30W)

  • Input caps upgraded to Mundorf EVO Oil Caps

  • Coupling caps to Mundorf Silver Oil Caps

  • E-caps to Mundorf M-Lytic HV

  • RCA to DH Labs / Furutech RCA

  • Binding Posts to Cardas or CMC Binding Posts 0-4-8 or 0-8-16

Copper Edition $12,999 USD / Pair

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