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LAGATO Phono Stage (MC - MM + Line)   -   Coming Soon!

Our reference and best phono design!

Those who do not know us... we aren't just expert of tubes in the HIFI application. We were solid state circuitry designer / electronic engineers for on electronics ( from car stereo, radio station/studio equipment, vessels communications engineering, to consumer electronics...etc), to us, designing solid state amps are even more fun and challenging because we are fluent and good at it. But we were also vinyl freaks and connoisseurs...  and speaking of turntables... we mastered it decades ago.

Anyway, the LAGATO will be housed in a large size chassis, as there will be three-four separated sections :

1. MC Input (Handle by ONE DOZEN of high quality transistors, and it will be very best and quiet, and if we say quiet, it is QUIET!)

2. MM Input (The MC then enter this MM stage, or use this input when use with MM cartridge), the signal then goes to OUTPUT for external preamplifier, or goes to the LAGATO's on board tube buffer/preamplifier for directly driving power amplifiers)

3. Line Stage Input (For use as a standard tube preamplifier)

Tube power supply will be external.

This will be a pretty end game as a phono solution as well an good exercise of engineering between a few subjects.  

MSRP - $8,500 CAD

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