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Welcome to the legacy / limited model page - not all models on this page are discontinued. For example, the F7591 we still have good amount of stock with deep discount as low or lower to dealer pricing. Contact us for availability!

Finalé F-7591 / F-7591 ST


Design Philosophy:

The 7591 is a true American tube and a relatively new one! We prefer it over other older 8-pins power tubes due to its efficiency, sweetness and power, thanks to its relatively newer design in comparison. This is a very good tube and it was commonly seen on older amps or receivers such as Sansui, Scott, Fisher, McIntosh, Eico, Heath, Sherwood. Don't underestimate the suggested low power rating! This might be the finest Class A 20 Watts around town money can buy, which will mate happily with lower efficient speakers / darker sounding speakers! The vivid colours, wide band dynamics, ultra details, quality weighted bass, a dark and well-spaced sound-stage, and so on, all which often would be seen on pure Class A amplifiers priced in folds. All you need is a pair of good 12AX7 that matches your system, and this pair of front end tubes is crucial and will dictate to the entire presentations.


6moons by Frederic Beudot / MSRP $2,899 USD (2015)

Starting 2017, F-7591 ST Spec (Below)

Those who want a more compact size and having rectify tube, here is our answer - F-7591 ST


  • Revised 12AX7 Driver (As seen used on the Pentode 6 FFX-666)

  • An extra 5AR4 Rectify Tube

  • Mundorf ECAP

  • QQQ Japan Tube Sockets

  • Canadian choke (inside / under the chassis)

  • 8 Ohms Output

  • Class A Ultra Linear Mode 18W / Pentode 22.5W Class AB with most power in A

  • MSRP $ 2,999 CAD

Finalé ST-X


The ST-X series: The only amplifiers in the world designed by individual clients, and custom build to OUR CUSTOMERS ONLY!

Like the famed Dynaco ST-70 amplifier, our amplifier’s name begins with “ST” (for “stereo”), because we knew we wanted to offer compact, affordable, high-fidelity tube amplifiers. We added the “X” because we wanted to make amplifiers that can be customized by our clients. From that point, clients can choose transformers or supply their own to save more, and a variety of premium parts (including capacitors, of course). Usually higher output power necessitates larger transformers and higher capacitance, but these are user choices, and we will guide each client through every step, in creating his or her unique, beautiful, amazing-sounding amplifier! 


Wait a second... That amp looks familiar!

What does this have to do with the original Dynaco ST-70? Very little! The ST-X incorporates a brand-new, modern driver design for both vastly improved specs and killer sound! The ST-X is simply tighter, faster, and easier to maintain. Sure, we used a chassis styled like the ST-70’s because we’re drawn to its compact footprint, as well as, its versatility in fitting various transformers and other superior components. We also chose to offer an amp like this because many customers with a “do-it-yourself” approach have transformers in their closets from years ago. The ST-X represents a perfect platform to use them! No matter what transformers you have, we are happy to advise and guide you to make the best use of them. Your components might work better in pure Class A, or your output transformers might perform best in triode mode, rather than pentode mode. You might also prefer to set bias manually. An exciting part of this journey is that the combinations are almost limitless! Feel free to contact us for a consultaton! Let us know what you have, and share your goals. With our vast experience, we can work with you to create a beautiful amplifier that will leave you listening happily for years to come!

It could be a flea 4 watts into Class A Push Pull Triode mode with 6V6, or 40W+ with EL34 in Class AB manual bias. The combination is infinite!

IMG_9138 (2).jpg

Finalé V12 Grand Finale / Grand Finales Mono Blocks :


Design Philosophy:

These are our Grand Finales, our flagship models. For all the serious audiophiles who seek the finest large power tube amps. Being Pure Class A, these will drive most speakers with ease and deliver the best sonic quality above the crowd. Designed/engineered for pure Class A operations, special attention is paid to the power supply and transformers (All make in Canada). They are all driven by a 12AX7 and a 12BH7 in each channel, and custom finished for each order.

Symphony #5 Monoblocks

  • 5881 / 6L6Mono-blocks

  • Push Pull Ultra Linear

  • CLASS A 100 Watts (96W)

  • 5881 / 6L6 X 8 / Channel-Block (Total of 16 Tubes for both channel)

  • $11,999 CAD Pair

Symphony #6 Monoblocks

  • 6V6 Mono-blocks

  • Push Pull Ultra Linear

  • CLASS A 60 Watts (56W)

  • 6V6 X 8 / Channel-Block (Total of 16 Tubes for both channel)

  • $9,999 CAD Pair

Symphony #7 Monoblocks

  • EL34 Mono-blocks

  • Push Pull Ultra Linear

  • CLASS A 120 Watts (117W)

  • EL34 X 8 / Channel-Block (Total of 16 Tubes for both channel)

  • $13,999 CAD Pair

We also have the Stereo version, the V12 Grand Finale...

With six pieces of 6V6 tubes per channel, it has 12 of them total into one stereo chassis. Driven by a very powerful pre-amp section and combination of a pair of 12BH7 being driven by one 6922 in the front end. Autobias, Class A, results a rock solid 40 Watts engineered with the highest quality components and transformers. This is the best tube amplifier where power, refinement and durability/reliability are all combined into one. It's the only amplifier in the entire lineup that is fully hand-wired point-to-point, it's a remarkable work of art just to look at, in terms of our craftsmanship.


Finalé F-300B

Mono-Blocks Power Amplifiers 2014-2019

The most popular direct heated triode tubes of all time!

  • It's not easy to master the beauty it of it - circuitry wise, although it seem easy to construct, but it is hard to master.

  • It IS expensive to unleash its potential, on the hardware side. And that is why most 300B amps on the market either fail in this regard or or measured far from the best, because they had to work within a specific budget. Unfortunately, there is no way around quality with budget, at least with tube amps. So, high quality tube amps, especially triode tube amps, are supposed to be expensive.

  • The first thing in getting it right is the output transformers, without a good quality and properly-made pair by a HiFi transformers manufacturer, the 300B will not sing and unleash its potential. You can get away with other tubes, but not 300B.

  • Here, a high-quality pair of Canadian made to our specifications are used (P-10), it is specifically designed for triode tubes such as 2A3/300B and 45. It is often designed for high fidelity, single-ended, Class-A, with frequency response at least 20 hz to 20 khz.

  • We don't just focus on the outputs, even the choke transformer we pick are of high quality (made by Hammonds Canada) and important to both the sound and circuitry. Each of them is HIPOT tested (100%) at 1,500 VAC, and each of them is vacuum-impregnated with polyurethane varnish to yield for quietness and long life operations.

  • For the power transformer, it's even more serious - again, made in Canada with conservative designs (that is reliable and able to provide seamless power deliveries) - CSA certified and made with high quality specs such as passing HIPOT test of 2,000V RMS, and made with Class A insulation (105 degree C) and so on.

  • All these transformers are not just used because they are good, it also has to do with reliability and safety that we care very much about.

The Highlights:

  • SE-X Driver Design, by maximizing and unleashing the very best potential of a single powerful 12AX7 tube to command and control the output tubes in the most effective manner (in single ended / SRPP mode), the key lies in the preciseness, accuracy and efficiency to achieve this simple-best approach design (it can't be done on other tubes because they don't have as high gain ability). We very much appreciate the sound result from this, than using a 2-stage design that is needed on most other pre-amp tubes such as 6H30 / 6922 / 5687 and so on. It will have more phase shift, more roll offs, less natural, more distortions, and you name it.

  • Class A 8W (Max) / Block The amps are tuned for refinement over raw power, it's more useful and solid than you think.

  • Autobias Safe / Reliable / No Troubles / Durable tube lifes

  • 12AX7 - 300B - 5U4 (Match pairs recommended for L - R balance),

Signature Package $750 USD : Hashimoto Output Transformers (Remapped the circuitry to maximal the use with the uber Hashimoto, because every make and model of different transformers has different curves, insert loss, phase shift, and so on. Expect even better output power, distortion figures, inductance/weight, and perfecting curves!) / Mundorf Silver in Oil Caps / Cardas Rhodium RCA / Cardas Gold over Rhodium Binding Posts/ Furutech Japan Gold IEC AC Inlets ... etc.

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