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MAESTRO SIX (M-6) Tube Preamplifier (2017)

The M-6 preamp is an exact twins to the Maestro, Six indicates it uses the very popular 6922 instead.

It features two 6922 (One each per channel), and the same but enhanced excellent tube power supply and phono stage (100X) design from the PRELUDE / Maestro / Triode Lab's Au Pre Mini.

This model is made to the popular request, as many audiophiles liked the good sound, powerful and quietness of the 6922. And in fact the 6922 tube is widely available new or nos.

Like the Maestro, the M-6 offer the same 10X Pre-amplifications.

In comparison to the Maestro :

The M-6 is Quieter / Cleaner / Controlled, where as the Maestro comes in totally opposite tune - Warmer / Open / Natural

MSRP $4,500 CAD/USD/EURO,  well equipped with no options.

Finish : Finale's Tuxedo Black (Black Chassis's and Acrylic Face-plate)

Accessory : The "Gold Podium", a plinth/platform made with a thick 3/8" solid aluminum plate, which adds weight and stability, as well better resonance/damping control characteristic thru using hi-fi quality footers, and high quality rubber isolations between the plinth and the chassis. $500.00

Options : Dual Outputs $150 / Bypass selector with one set of Cardas Rhodium RCA Input $0 / DACT Selector Switch - $250 / Power Transformer Shield $100

Standard parts and bits : CMC Gold RCAs, 1877 Phono Gold Ground Post, Alps Blue Vol Pot, Lorlin UK Selector Switch, Furutech Gold IEC, Canadian made power transformer with world voltage, and Canadian made choke transformer ... etc.

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