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Finalé ST-X

Tube Stereo Power Amplifier

As of 2016...

To thank our existing customers, or those who are new to us and purchased a pre-amplifier from us through dealers, we are offering a custom STX power amp (withdesired transformers and parts, tubes, and configurations, all at DEALER PRICING. This is perfect for anyone who wants a high-end tube amplifier at cost.


The ST-X series: The only amplifiers in the world designed by individual clients, and custom build to OUR CUSTOMERS ONLY!

Like the famed Dynaco ST-70 amplifier, our amplifier’s name begins with “ST” (for “stereo”), because we knew we wanted to offer compact, affordable, high-fidelity tube amplifiers. We added the “X” because we wanted to make amplifiers that can be customized by our clients.

We began with the knowledge all basic tube amps share certain characteristics:

  • Push-pull Ultra-linear Design (to guarantee robust output and good sound at an affordable cost)
  • Hammond Output Transformers (because this is the last stop the signal makes en route to your speakers)
  • The First Watts in Class A (for the best sound possible at most listening levels)
  • Auto-bias (to allow the use of various types of tubes, even unmatched tubes, and to protect amplifier integrity)
  • Tube Rectifiers (because they just sound better)
  • Input Choke Transformer (not just because they perform better on paper, but because they’re quieter and sound better overall)

With the preliminary design standards in place, we knew we could also offer our clients the “X” — a nearly infinite range of configurations, including tubes, transformers, and other choices. The result is that virtually every ST-X amplifier is custom-made. Here are some of the many options:

  • Chassis color (black,  or bumblebee yellow)
  • Driver stages (a standard stage with 6BL8/ECF80 or 6U8/ECF82 driver tubes; or our Signature, three-tube version, with a pair of 6FQ7/6CQ7 and a single 6922/6DJ8/E88CC.
  • Unprecedented range of output tube options (including 6V6 for 15 watts per channel; KT66 for 20 watts; 6L6/5881 for 25 watts, and EL34 for 27–30 watts)
  • Manual bias setting (for those who prefer to roll their own!)
  • Running Modes Class A / Class AB, Triode, Pentode, Ultra Linear - ask us the possibilities!
An entry-level of $1,999 or less (For a 6V6 / Triode Mode with full suit of Hammond Canada Transformers, loaded with other brand name parts).  And a well equipped EL34 with Signature driver board will be $2,999 USD.  (Like the pictured Yellow EL34)

From that point, clients can choose transformers or supply their own to save more, and a variety of premium parts (including capacitors, of course). Usually higher output power necessitates larger transformers and higher capacitance, but these are user choices, and we will guide each client through every step, in creating his or her unique, beautiful, amazing-sounding amplifier!

Wait a second... That amp looks familiar!

What does this have to do with the original Dynaco ST-70? Very little! The ST-X incorporates a brand-new, modern driver design for both vastly improved specs and killer sound! The ST-X is simply tighter, faster, and easier to maintain. Sure, we used a chassis styled like the ST-70’s because we’re drawn to its compact footprint, as well as, its versatility in fitting various transformers and other superior components.

We also chose to offer an amp like this because many customers with a “do-it-yourself” approach have transformers in their closets from years ago. The ST-X represents a perfect platform to use them! No matter what transformers you have, we are happy to advise and guide you to make the best use of them. Your components might work better in pure Class A, or your output transformers might perform best in triode mode, rather than pentode mode. You might also prefer to set bias manually. An exciting part of this journey is that the combinations are almost limitless!

Have a look at the yellow “bumblebee” chassis in the photos above. That amplifier was designed to drive EL-34 tubes in Class AB-1 pentode, generating about 20 watts, with most of that power in Class A. It was further upgraded with high-quality Mundorf electrolytic capacitors in the power supply, as well as, premium coupling capacitors, connectors, and internal cabling. On the other hand, the amp with the black chassis is equipped with a pair of good ol’ Sansui 6V6 tubes, and configured as a push-pull pentode design generating a healthy 15 watts.

Feel free to contact us for a consultaton! Let us know what you have, and share your goals. With our vast experience, we can work with you to create a beautiful amplifier that will leave you listening happily for years to come!

It could be a flea 4 watts into Class A Push Pull Triode mode with 6V6, or 40W+ with EL34 in Class AB manual bias. The combination is infinite!

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