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Reserve Menu Page - Premium Offerings !

Welcome — we’ve developed the “Reserve Menu” page as a space to feature our top-tier models to our most discerning clientele.

It is a place for expert users and experienced tube-o-philes, who know exactly what they want, including circuit configuration and parts they will be listening to. 

… to use an analogy from the world of cars — those who feel at ease on this part of our site are like the people who buy a 911 Cup Series Race Car — they know exactly how to use it, and have the resources to do so in every new environment (track / weather).

As one of the few remaining authentic tube specialist alive today, we want to pass on the passion and tradition of tube sound that we make to new generations — here you’ll find those details and niche geeky details that are meaningful to true connoisseur - for our new-to-tubes customers, there is the rest of the site !


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