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What’s Cooking in the Finale?!



1. F-168 MK2 - the new class leading reference pocket integrated in PUSH PULL. Full suit of proprietary high end transformers, which is designed by Triode Lab and engineered by Hammonds Canada, Pink-lingu RCAs, Alps Blue Vol Control, Lorlin UK Selector , Latest circuitry with additional of power regulation, Min 10 watts of quality tube power. And it features a even smaller size chassis! just 13.5" Wide x 8.5" Deep. Tube cage came standard. Perfect for desktop applications now.

COMPLETED,  Feb 2018.

2. F-6V6 SE Integrated

A closed architecture design compact integrated amp that features the 6V6 Output Tube, running Class A auto-bias with over 4.5W per channel. (Its more powerful and useful than you think...)

This will replace the F-108, with even bigger sound-stage & meat, lower and greater bass and bottom, even more tubey and dreamy. And this is a NO NFB design, and in the audiophile preferred SINGLE ENDED mode! Thanks to our high quality real audio grade output transformers, designed by Triode Lab Ltd, and engineered by Hammonds Canada. This is a true HIGH END SINGLE ENDED design! The amplifier is rectified by tube, and the power supply is regulated, which you normally only seen on highest end expensive Class A amps. This ensure each tube/time sees a very exact 6.3V for optimal output and operation at all times (less fluctuations), it also enhance the life span of each tube. And this amp is absolutely silent thru our horn speakers in the showroom... and it should, thanks to our top notch design in the industry, as well quality transformers.

It sounds just like what 6V6 should, and all our nostalgia feeling is back! the good ode tube sound. The entire amplifier is Canadian! Design, Transformers, and Build. Its not an entry level amp, but the best one in its class, with real HIFI ingredients and philosophy. It is perfect for high eff speakers, especially those with a forward sounding highs, or speaker lack bass/impact/weight. As well large diameter full range speakers, including dual concentric designs!

And we still thinking a name for it. Maybe you can help...

COMPLETED,  Feb 2018.

3. M7Preamp - Our tribute / salutation to the legendary M7 design, but here, we re-engineer it even better - more highs, and more lows, and more pure (a simple selector / volume control only, minus all those weakest links of switches and buttons) and ready for today's HD music source. There will be two 12AX7 and one 12AU7 for the line stage. The onboard phono stage will be tubed too. And like the original M7. It will features a beefy solid state power supply. And we are working with HASHIMOTO/SANSUI for a quality power transformer.


Let us present Finale's Pink-Lingu RCA Connectors (Rose Gold Plated)

Since we have issues with a brand name RCA connector we been using for decades and we cannot find substitute for both quality and value. We decided to make our own. It will be used and voice our products with it here and after. It has passed our tests from its conduit behavior to melt/function point. The plating is high quality rose-gold finish and the center insulation is real Teflon that is heat resisting. We just like this shinny colour so much that changes from pink-gold to copper depending your light source.


Thanks to Arteluthe Design, we also make our own knobs now. Made out of stainless steel, its elegant, precise and solid. Easily the best in the market. Hand polished and made right here in Canada (Quebec). Not just the aesthetic, the touching feel and weight of it is brilliant. We will use it across our brands.



Based on an engineering order/note issued from our chief, the following will be in effect immediately without notice:

  • CMC Gold RCA / Binding Posts: These connectors will be used across the entire line, due to its excellence in quality, reliability and consistency. We have been having quality issues with another brand that we have been using for a long time, until we notice the quality is coming back. The uber RCA connector choice we use now is the DH Labs USA
  • Transformers : Due to the shortage of HIFI transformers supplies, HAMMONDS of CANADA and HASHIMOTO (Sansui) of JAPAN will be our main two suppliers ofHIFI transformers. We will also continue to work with a few other top North American manufacturers in our custom designs, including Heyboer (Mercury) of USA, Edcor of USA, and ANK of Canada.

One thing we know for certain is that success never stops to admire itself. We’ve been super-busy working on new projects and we have a few ready to be disclosed. No matter what happens, we know this year will be an exciting one for us and for you as well!

RECENT NEWS : Starting in 2016, there will be a price increase to all entry level amps, as a result of different factors; unfavorable currency exchange, higher cost on parts (all prices have increased dramatically, from all level - direct pricing from the parts manufacturer to importers/distributors, and even local stores), and, not to mention, inflation (our metal parts manufacturer inflated prices over 50% on chassis and parts, for instance). Moreover, the selection in tube amplifier parts (everything from transformer to caps) has reduced, as many smaller brands are being brought out by the bigger multi-corp and, so, are either phased out or combined into the bigger name. It is also quite sad to hear about the two legendary famous HIFI transformer companies in Japan shutting down their business. However, we will continue to fight hard, despite it being an uphill battle. Looking ahead in 2017, we will streamline and phase out some variations of certain models and narrow our lineup to maintain the quality to price ratio to our customers.


LATEST Available colours/finish on some of our models:

1. British Racing Green Metallic (Sample) A classic and legendary colour for the motor enthusiast
2. Copper Metallic (Sample) A light copper finish with a warm glow and sparkles visible under lighting
3. Dark Mocha Brown Metallic (Sample) A modern and tasteful brown with light sparkles (much like coffee beans)
4. Satin Black (Sample) A subtle black with a satin and smooth finish
5. Orange (Sample) A recent fav colour choice over black (identical to the pure orange colour used by Porsche)
6. Volvo Racing Polestar Green/Blue A very cool or sporty colour that changes depending on the lighting, making our amp stand out in your HiFi chamber(more like Aqua / Turquoise depending on lighting)
7. Hammer tone Silver-Gray (Sample) A very durable, highly scratch resistant finish that gives a feeling of nostalgia as vintage HiFi
8. Maroon Red (Sample) A darker, more solid, non-metallic red, compared to burgundy or wine red
9. Classic Dark Gray Gloss (Sample) A colour similar to the Audi / Toyota Classic Gray (or vintage Kenwood/Trio/Phillips glossy gray) with a glossy finish (handling with gloves is highly recommended)

LAGATO Phono Tube Preamp (Debut any time with MOQ)

Our reference and best phono design!

For those of you who do not know us., we aren't just an expert of tubes in the HiFi application. We have experience as solid state circuitry designers / electronic engineers (from car stereo, radio station/studio equipment, vessels communications engineering, to consumer electronics, and so on). We believe designing solid state amps is even more fun and challenging because we are not only good at it, we are truly passionate about it!. As vinyl freaks and connoisseurs, we mastered the art of turntables decades ago.

The LAGATO will be housed in a large size chassis, as there will be three to four (3-4) separated sections :

1. MC Input (handled by a DOZEN high quality transistors, it will be very quiet, and when we say quiet, we MEAN quiet!)

2. MM Input (the MC then enters this MM stage, or use this input when use with MM cartridge), the signal then goes to OUTPUT for external pre-amplifier, or to the LAGATO's on board tube buffer/pre-amplifier to directly drive power amplifiers)

3. Line Stage Input (used as a standard tube pre-amplifier)

Tube power supply will be external. This will be a pretty end game as a phono solution.

CAVATINA Hybrid Stereo Power Amplifier

  • This is a hybrid power amp
  • Class A Tube Pre-amp Section
  • 30W + 30W
  • Triode Lab Power Transformer (Quiet / Quality / Durability - MADE IN CANADA / Made with military grade high quality M6 metals)
  • Perfect match with any of our preamplifiers
  • Housed in same box as the preamps

    F-90.2 Mono Blocks

    • Many have commented that we don't have any EL34 amps, nor something more high-end or high-power, yet, affordable... well, here it comes, we have been listening!

    • 4 x EL34 Per Channel, manual bias, in return of a solid 90W of absolute tube power, Class A/B Push Pull

    • 1 super 12X7 as driver

    • Full suit of huge Canadian transformers, all built into the 829B enclosed type chassis

    • Mundorf Evo Oil and Supreme Caps all the way

    • This will be the highest power per dollar amps in our lineup and we try to price it below $8,999 USD

    Premium 6V6 8-14W / 6L6/5881 25-30W Integrated Amps with Complete Hashimoto (Sansui) Transformers?

    New speakers coming - THE VIVACE NOTE, VOCE and GRANDIOSO.

    VIVACE NOTE (Debut Summer of 2018)

    A 2-way version of the popular and now famous Vivace Mini, which shares the same cabinets, features either a conventional high performance tweeter and woofer combo, or a high performance coaxial driver.  Testing and comparison is in the works now, and we will confirm and decide based on our measurements, hearing, and and our network's approval. Expect even more clarity, focus, definition and bass / impact /slam.

    VIVACE VOCE (Debut 2017)

    And here is the VOCE, it is bigger than the Vivace MINI in all aspects, for cabinet, like the MINI, with our Air Cannon Loudspeaker Transmission System. We swear we haven't heard such impressive and size of bass reproduction for a while. From just a 5" Woofer. It will be another success, and easily the best of its kind out there on the market. Most importantly, IT IS HOW WE WANT IT TO SOUND. We are very happy and satisfied with our engineer samples - ready for auditions. We are finalizing the look and the packaging of the speaker for the production run. Update : Jan 2017.

    The Vivace GRANDIOSO , Can't wait to make it happen! But it IS COMING. STAY TUNED!

    Like our Vivace Mini - ALL SPEAKERS ARE HAND MADE IN CANADA (in the province of Quebec Province to be exact), while other manufacturers of speakers tend to source their cabinets offshore. Creating more jobs and opportunities is one of our original vision that led to the debut of the brand name. Over the Christmas holidays, our executives confirmed the direction of the Grandioso, based on the shape of the Montreal Olympia Stadium's tower.  It will be a taller, 3-way speaker. We want more than just the best-sounding speakers, we are looking for something that is appealing as decor in your living room!

    2 Ways HIFI HORN - We are working on a pair of new old sound and styled large monitor (approximately 48" high x 16" wide x 12" deep) , which will feature a solid metal horn for the highs with our ear-picked compression driver from Italy and a 12" woofer from England. We guarantee its sound is designed to exactly how we like it - we just knew it before we even started the project. It will deliver a feeling of nostalgia, warmth, and romance, along with an impressive bass. It has been almost another full year of ongoing R&D and drivers matching, and we are happy we have found the right angled horn out of half a dozen designs we think is best. With just 4 Watts from our test amp, we know it will sound incredible with our tube amplifiers!

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