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MAESTRO Tube Preamplifier

The Maestro pre-amp will sit in between the PRELUDE , M6 and our flagship CONDUCTOR.

It features two 6U8 (One each per channel), and the same, but enhanced, excellent tube power supply and phono stage (100X) design from the PRELUDE.



This is perfect for those who would like more gain/drive than the PRELUDE to match their speakers/amp, but to maintain a one-box solution. With one powerful 6U8 per channel, the MAESTRO will easily yield a 6-8X Gain (Depending on the exact tube being measured with, and time of the day), which almost doubles the gain of the PRELUDE of 4-5X Gain. It uses direct coupling design, for the lowest possible phase shift. The pentode section of the 6U8 is used as the input amp and the triode section for impedance matching and cathode follower. We are happy to announce this will be a very low distortion pre-amplifier, this is as good or, even, better, to the famous legendary M-7 design. With one more tube than the PRELUDE and slightly more complicated circuitry, we decide to offer an optional DC power supply stage to lower the working noise further for those who thought it is needed, which benefits both line stage and the phono stage (AC heated is default and we think it sounds better). Further distinguish to the Prelude, the MAESTRO is a classic analog design over the hybrid design on the Prelude - the MAESTRO line stage does not have any transistors making it more pure analog sound, but it will also drive all kinds of amplifiers whether it be low-powered tube amplifiers or high-powered solid state amplifiers.

To those who are not familiar with this tube, it is commonly used for studio and broadcast tasks, in USA and Europe. We like it over the 6922 because it has the same brilliant highs, but, in our opinion, with even better mid to low reproductions. There are also plenty of authentic NOS supplies too.

And did we tell you there are at least 5 tubes, including 6U8s, 6BL8/ECF80, ECF82/ECF802 and 6GH8 that you can use?

Same as the PRELUDE, there will be a 12BH7 or a 12AU7 for the regulating duty, both tube will sound different and safely exchangeable, but the 12BH7 will last longer due to the fact it's a bigger/more powerful tube.

The Maestro come with full out upgraded parts and bits : Mundorf Evo Supreme SILVER GOLD Coupling Caps, CMC Gold RCAs, 1877 Phono Gold Ground Post, TKD or Alps Blue Vol Pot, Elna / DACT Selector Switch, Furutech RHODIUM IEC, Hammonds Canada Choke Transformer, HASHIMOTO Power Transformer...etc. 2017+ NEW : Triode Lab Stainless Steel Knobs (Hand made/polished in Canada - MSRP $80 CAD each)

Options : Dual Outputs $150/Free acrylic face-plate delete (For those who want the deep sheen metallic copper finish to show), DH Labs USA RCAs $30 Pair

MSRP $6,999 CAD/USD/EURO,  well-equipped with no options.

Finish : Coppertone chassis / Black acrylic face-plate and top cover

Accessory : The "Gold Podium", a plinth/platform made with a thick 3/8" solid aluminum plate, which adds weight and stability, along with better resonance/damping control characteristic thru using HiFi quality footers, and high quality rubber isolations between the plinth and the chassis. $500.00

Debut Year : 2017

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