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"That image specificity is one of the Mini's greatest strengths. It will paint the size and contour of a solo cellist with utmost precision. Even on large orchestral pieces where you'd expect a 3" driver to lose its composure, everything is clearly defined and in its rightful place, just not with the scale and physical presence larger speakers can achieve. But that really is no surprise. " Frederic Beudot of

Introducing the Vivace mini

Our design goals

  • Faithful to the original performance

  • Efficient and “pure”

  • Elegant floorstander – designed for condos and smaller spaces

  • Synergy with small powered tube amplifications

Our objective

To take advantage of the many benefits of small single-drivers, while addressing their limitations: specifically: anemic bass, and a tendency toward an “aggressive” treble.

Our approach

We used cabinet geometry and internal architecture to achieve 10dB of pure acoustic gain where it is most needed – the bottom two octaves.

The Vivace mini – elegant minimalism

  • High power, high efficiency 2,75 in. drive unit (Made in Italy)
  • Horn-loaded cabinet (a compression chamber coupled to a backfiring horn)
  • No passive elements or crossover allows the driver to be part of the amplifier circuit
  • Extreme loading to reduce distortion across the bandwidth    (Harmonic Distortion and Inter Modulation Distortion)
  • Rigid, composite construction of damped, laminated layers of HDF
  • Significant internal bracing, created by the internal folded horn
  • Compact and sculptured

Benefits of our approach

  • Remarkably close to the “point source” ideal – almost 8 octaves    reproduced by the frontal cone area
  • Incredibly “big” and powerful bass
  • Liveliness!
  • Tall, deep sound-stage behind the speakers
  • Contemporary simplicity – perfect for today’s condos and smaller spaces
  • Ideal with highly musical, low-powered tube amplification


  • In-room frequency response: 50 to 20,000 Hz
  • Continuous power handling (peak watts RMS): 40 watts
  • Sensitivity: 92 dB @ 2,83 V
  • Nominal impedance (ohms): 16 ohms
  • Driver unit: 2.75 inch, Full-Range(Made in Italy)
  • Cabinet construction: Laminated HDF - double stacked, damped, heavily braced, port tube - solid wood Cabinet design: Compression chamber, coupled to a backfiring “folded” horn
  • Finish: Satin White or Black
  • Cabinet size: H: 32.5 in. / 82.55 cm (with spikes) W: 7 in. / 17.78 cm D: 13 in. / 33.02 cm Weight: 26 lbs / 11.8 kg
  • Country of origin: Designed and made in CANADA
  • Simply Guide (PDF)

MSRP $3,000 CAD / US / EU


The Vivace Mini is a showcase of what we can be done with a 3" full-range driver. Their magic lies hidden in the cabinet design -- a hybrid horn / transmission line -- which we call our Air Cannon Loudspeaker Transmission System. This unique design provides a 10-fold bass gain over a conventional unit. In fact, bass production is close what we'd get if the speaker was equipped with an extra 10" woofer! Since the cabinet's design provides the bass, there is no need for a woofer, and thus, no need for a crossover to create phase shift, time lag, and material changes -- which all may lead to a unnatural treble roll-off we all hate. Imagine -- a violin sounding like a violin (not a viola!), and your favourite soprano, her voice live and breathing, hitting an even higher top note -- through this pair of petite floor-standing speakers. The speaker design also gets the most out of the Italian-made quality high-fidelity driver, delivering unbeatable transient speed, pinpoint imaging, and life-like coherence. These drivers are not usually consider efficient, but when loaded in our Air Canon LTS Design, they become much easier to drive, and even the 3.5W provided by 2A3 tubes can bring out the driver's full potential. The Vivace Mini is rated at 16 Ohms, a resistance at which tubes shine, and provide the most control. In choosing this value, 4- and 8-Ohm versions were also tried, but neither sounded as brilliant. The Mini's small size makes them ideally suite for a smaller spaces like a condo/apartment, den and office -- anywhere you want music to fill the room. Keeping with our Triode Lab philosophy, we also paid close attention to the look of the speakers - and we are happy to announce that they have turned out as sexy as we had first imagined them! The Vivace Mini will bless your space with a beautiful art-decor piece to look at -- but more importantly -- will do the job in delivering the emotional excitement and sincerity of your favourite music. This is both a reference in single driver world, and a reference to test your tube amplifiers.

Production model as shown - with both chrome trim for the driver, and chrome spring leaf suspension footers


"That image specificity is one of the Mini's greatest strengths. It will paint the size and contour of a solo cellist with utmost precision. Even on large orchestral pieces where you'd expect a 3" driver to lose its composure, everything is clearly defined and in its rightful place, just not with the scale and physical presence larger speakers can achieve. But that really is no surprise. Imaging does get influenced by placement but the Minis are very flexible. They easily accommodate from very wide placement with strong toe-in to much narrower positioning with little toe-in. The key is to experiment with that toe-in factor. It will determine whether the centre stage fills up as well as influence treble extension. Speaking of the extremes of the musical range, the lower treble is surprisingly lively and gives a lot of its character to the speaker. You can hear it in string pizzicatos, guitars and the initial impact of percussion. The dynamic capability of these Minis in the lower treble where a lot of the meaningful transients happen, will surprise you." by   Mr Frederic Beudot of 6moons


"So the first obstacle that the Minis faced in my listening was purely psychological. I couldn’t figure out how such a small driver was generating as much sound with as much detail as I was hearing. So for the first few days, I was dismayed and kept falling back on the phrase, “Seeing is believing.” And although the empirical thrust in that saying is correct, it needed to be altered for this audio situation because it really came down to: “Hearing is believing.” And the psychological component for me was so hard that I practiced listening to the speakers with my eyes closed. And then, lo and behold, unfettered by my ocular obsession, I was able to accept the music because that is what I heard with startlingly revealing depth, breadth, and dynamics." Jon Eben Field of Wall of Sound (Click to read FULL REVIEW)

REVIEW :VIVACE mini / F-168 COMBO, by Jan-Erik Nordoen of

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The speaker with perhaps the highest WAF at TAVES – the Vivace Mini

The Triode Lab Room featured the world premier of their 2A3 Mono Block Power Amplifiers (US$6900), which was played through the Vivace Mini Speaker System that was fascinating to look at because the only driver it had is just 2.75 inches across, a unit made in Italy. For such a tiny, slim and elegant speaker, the sound in the room was surprisingly big and robust.
This was an efficient little setup that hit serious sonic territory, once again showing you don’t have to be big to play it big.
Triode Lab/Finale Audio had an excellent presence this year, not only demoing their superb tube gear, but also showcasing their new joint venture with Robert Gaboury’s Arteluthe. The result of this partnership is the Vivace Mini, which had a lot of people talking. This is a full range, crossoverless speaker based around a 2.75″ driver(!). And it sounded amazing indeed, very natural and lifelike.
There is a magic that can occur when you mate single-ended triode tubes with single driver speakers and this room had it. If you’re a tube lover, as I am, then you probably thought this was one of the Best Rooms at the show.

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