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The Finalé Vocé

"New Finalé Vocé is almost starting to ship! But before letting it go, we ran some measurements, and compared those with Wilson Alexia's, as measured by Stereophile. Obviously, you must listen to make up your mind, but we thought it would be interesting to compare our little Vocé to something a lot bigger - and ten times more costly.We ran the measurements with Finalé's new Niagara integrated amp. Only 10 watts, but no slouch in the bass dept." Artheluthe Design

Small is better

Vocé is a compact 2 way floor-stander, based on a 5 in. aluminum mid-woofer and a1,2 in. silk ring radiator. The small size of the mid-woofer makes it perfectly adapted to the reproduction of vocals. Being hornloaded with our proprietary acoustic technology, it reproduces low frequencies like no other small mid-woofer can. The height of the cabinet is divided into 3 main parts consisting on a compression chamber, linked to a folded horn, itself terminated by a mass-loaded port.

The mid-woofer reproduces sounds up to 2800Hz, and is crossed over to a ring radiator at 6dB per octave. The filter is asymmetrical as the tweeter is fed via a first order network, made possible by the large radiating area of the tweeter. However, the ring geometry makes it behave like a smaller and more extended unit because the center of the dome is fixed to the backplate center, and sound radiates around it.

The resulting sound is a truly full range experience, from 40 Hz (30Hz in room) to over 20 000Hz, with no passive components affecting the critical « voice » frequencies, hence the Vocé nomination.

The cabinet is suspended via 2 tuned forged chromed steel footers (41 cm wide).



Specifications :

In-room response: 30 to 20 000Hz

Continuous power handling: 100 watts

Sensitivity: 90 dB @ 2,83 volts

Nominal impedance: 6 ohms

Drive units: 5 in. aluminum cone mid-woofer, 1,2 in. ring radiator

Cabinet construction: selected MDF, HDF, braced

Cabinet design: Compression chamber coupled to folded horn and mass terminated

Finish: T.B.A

Country of origin: Designed and manufactured in Canada


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