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Colours / Finishes

Be it a Porsche / Mercedes Benz colour , we can help paint your amps to your favourite.

Be it a Porsche / Mercedes Benz colour , we can help paint your amps to your favourite.


LATEST Available colours/finish on some of our models:

1. British Racing Green Metallic (Sample) A classic and legendary colour for the motor enthusiast
2. Copper Metallic (Sample) A light copper finish with a warm glow and sparkles visible under lighting
3. Dark Mocha Brown Metallic (Sample) A modern and tasteful brown with light sparkles (much like coffee beans)
4. Satin Black (Sample) A subtle black with a satin and smooth finish
5. Orange (Sample) A recent fav colour choice over black (identical to the pure orange colour used by Porsche)
6. Volvo Racing Polestar Green/Blue A very cool or sporty colour that changes depending on the lighting, making our amp stand out in your HiFi chamber(more like Aqua / Turquoise depending on lighting)
7. Hammer tone Silver-Gray (Sample) A very durable, highly scratch resistant finish that gives a feeling of nostalgia as vintage HiFi
8. Maroon Red (Sample) A darker, more solid, non-metallic red, compared to burgundy or wine red
9. Classic Dark Gray Gloss (Sample) A colour similar to the Audi / Toyota Classic Gray (or vintage Kenwood/Trio/Phillips glossy gray) with a glossy finish (handling with gloves is highly recommended)

10. 6,500 Other Colours (PowderCoating) : $350 CAD each chassis ($600 CAD Pair) / Car Paints $800 CAD each chassis ($1,500 pair)

When money is no object to you , we can also craft your high end amplifier in pure copper and hand polished it with lacquer coat for durable top coat. Or leave it bare and let patina naturally grows on.



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