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Finalé Audio

About Us :

Finalé Audio is a new addition to the Triode Lab Ltd. family. While Triode Lab specializes in the production of the finest triode and low-powered tube amplification, our goal is to appeal to a broader audience of discerning listeners who want the best sound possible at a reasonable cost. To this end, we offer a wide range of high caliber, affordable tube amplifiers, from low-powered, single-ended designs to 100W powerhouses, many of which are priced around the $2,000 CAD mark (and so you can think of us as offering the Grand Finale!).

Like Triode Lab, all of our products are designed and engineered in Canada, and made to the same exacting standards. Visually, our amplifiers have a clean and simple elegance, but their true sophistication is revealed in their sound. While most other tube amp makers invest in the looks and packaging, basically elaborate design features you can see but not hear,  we prefer to put out money in high-quality parts and transformers. Please contact us and let us help you find the right amplifier for your system. We are confident that your search for musical truth will end with Finale!


General Inquiries / Sales and Order

Speakers/ Art Director : Mr . Robert Gaboury (English / Français) -

Dealers / Marketing / PR (North America) : Mr . Peter Wolter (English / German) -

Production / Brand Support : Mr . Frank Ing (English / Cantonese) -

HIRING : Buyers for over sea markets, as well domestic

Our Lines :

Starting from 2017, our products will be categorized into three lines to couple with the rapid HiFi market to satisfy different customers and markets.

1. FINALE AUDIO - The original brand became the "custom works" department,  made-to-order world class tube amplifiers. (Logo in center, trademarked).

2. New Finalé Audio logos- became the Signature / Dealer Line, mainly the speakers-to-be. (Logos at right two, in the process of registering it's trademark)

3. Pentode 6 (left two) - it will be the direct sale label

Our Passion :

And here is a good read about our companies , and our collaborations with our art director/speaker designer Robert Gaboury of Arteluthe Design.

 ROBERT GABOURY / Q&A @ 6moons

"I am a designer. If I can focus on designing, I get the opportunity to bring to life new and exciting ideas. We have almost a dozen concepts on the books, some of which are in advanced prototype stages like the Vocé, a bigger version of the Mini and more of a descendant of the Katana than Vivace. The collaboration with Triode Lab has been very stimulating. It is sonic 'haute-couture' but we also share a passion for speakers of the 50s and 60s and we even have a project to bring back value kits based on the JBL and Altec designs of yore. This industry has changed. We need to adapt to survive. I can now pursue projects across multiple brands and not be locked into one single sonic signature which is liberating. "   2016 November

YOU ARE WELCOMED TO JOIN OUR TEAM / SELLING NETWORK, as long you like music and our products! You will have your own protected sales territory, along with immense support from us. Most sales are made-to-order, other than the bigger sellers. So dealers/re-sellers SHOULD have a reasonable markup for bringing a item in or for demo. The good news is, sometimes, we can use a customer's preferred parts.

Prices does not include tubes most of the time simply because we cannot beat the prices on internet. Yetif you are ready to purchase a amplifier or speakers from us or one of our dealers, always ask for a discount, or free shipping at least! You can even try to ask for a larger discount on the next item you purchase. We take pride in providing the best pricing, as well as, the best customer service.

Price changes may occur as a result of local region shipping or currency fluctuations, so always contact your local re-sellers for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Shipping :

WE LIKE GREEN, and we ONLY use high-quality and safe shipping boxes made out of recycled materials. We always use double boxes with lots of protective padding or cushioning. Conventional foam/box/plastics are not used across the line due to the wide range of available options and upgrades, lowering costs on your side too.

Anything higher grade will be packaged in custom-made, triple-layered hard carton shipping box with perfect-fit high quality foam. Wood crate is an option, along with insurance, and any heavier item will be shipped on pallets, or by cargo.


Although our amps are known to be reliable and rock solid, every amplifier comes with a 2-year warranty, transferable and from normal use, starting from its manufacture date. That does not include the use of wrong/failing tubes, lighting and shipping damage, or any form of modifications.

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