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Finalé F-300B Stereo Power Amp (Classic Compact)


  • 7 Watts Class A Auto bias , DC Heated
  • Tube rectification
  • 6SN7 Drivers Tube x 2 , 300B Pair , Rectified by 5U4 / 5V4
  • 8 Ohm Standard : Optional 4/8/16 ohms
  • Triode Lab Design P-10 Output Transformers (Made in Canada to Triode Lab's proprietary spec and standard for 2A3/300B/45 Triode Tubes) as well Triode Lab 300B Power Transformer - NEW FOR 2016!

  • Hammond Choke
  • Design concept: Complete individualized stages - the driver/preamp, outputs and rectify / power supply stages. And on the 300B output stage, each tube is being feed, run and cooled by its own circuit board for best separation and stability. This is easily some finest flea watts and what we call an appropriate 300B SET amp - if not the term "high end" which often falsely used on the market. The design also applies DC-driven heater to minimize hum and noises, on the drive - it features a 3-stage triode amplifications for supreme musicality as well drive. A solid thick gauge aluminum chassis to started off a stable and stiff foundation for the construction. To be the best, reliability and specifications are both included.
  • JJ Tesla Power Supply E Cap
  • Mundorf EVO Oil Coupling Caps
  • CMC USA Gold Plate RCA
  • Finish : Triode Lab Orange / Triode Lab Satin Black / Triode Lab Classic Dark Gray Gloss, or optional custompaint $500.
  • MSRP $3,699+ USD Plus Options, Price without tubes. (Below is exact looks on the standard F-300B Stereo)

F-300B Signature

As shown, the F-300b Signature have:

  • Full suit of James transformers:
  • Triode Lab Design .38 Output Transformers (Rated 20W, co-engineered with James)
  • James Choke and James 300B Power Transformer (Made specific to your voltage)
  • 8 Watts + 8 Watts
  • CMC-usa Gold Plate RCA
  • CMC-usa Binding Post
  • Mundorf E-Cap
  • Furutech Gold IEC
  • Mundorf Supreme Coupling Caps
  • Your choice of car paint.
  • MSRP $4,299 USD

And ask about our F-300B FFX with Hashimoto transformers

  • Hashimoto Output Transformers
  • Hashimoto Choke Transformers
  • Triode Lab 300B Power Transformer (PT300B - high grade Canadian transformer specific for 300B application)
  • 8W+
  • Your choice of paint
  • Mundorf Silver and Gold Oil Caps

  • Mundorf M Lytics HV Power Supply E Cap

  • Cardas Rhodium RCA

  • Cardas Gold Binding Post, , or your preferred post

  • Furutech Rhodium IEC Inlet / Fuse

  • AmTrans Twisted Pair Input Signal Wires, Insulated Gold Plated Solid Core OFC Wire, PFA Cover

  • Soundcoat Damping Sheet (bottom plate)

  • MSRP $5,999 USD

as well Stereo Parallel Single Ended 300B Dual-Mono Power Amplifier - F-3008 PDM

F-300B RS

  • A 300B “statement” amplifier for Real Serious 300B Fanatics (that’s a technical term!)
  • Over-sized stereo chassis (20" wide by 12" deep) allows space between components, as well as use of oversized flagship 300B output transformers that is made to our specification in Canada, it is capable of a staggering 30 watt output.
  • The beefed up power transformer is also hand made by ourselves to handle the extra voltage on this design, as well to have running temperature and quietness to the refinement level we wanted.
  • Top-of-the-line power and circuit components, including Mundorf Silver or Silver Gold oil coupling caps at your choice, Cardas rhodium RCA and binding posts (outputs available as 0-4-8 or 0-8-16 ohm posts), and Furutech rhodium IEC hardware
  • Dual individualized stages premium power supply electrolytic capacitors (e-cap here and after) for superior power supply to the tubes (one e-cap) and amplifier gain stages (2 e-caps) — featuring high-end Mundorf “M-Lytic” capacitors or same grade e-caps specially optimized for audio applications
  • Dual Canadian made choke transformers setup for superior AC filtering on each section. One of the choke to feed the tubes and its dedicated power supply E-Cap, and the other choke to feed the dual e-caps to the power supply stages, along with the high quality made power transformer making it one of the quietest 300B tube amp from around the world.
  • Finale's specially designed 12AX7 driver stage, optimized for single-ended triode tubes - complete hand-wired point to point
  • Individual 300B Output Stage, each 300B tube is being feed, run and cooled on its circuitry board for best separation, efficiency and stability
  • Tube Rectifications using James Transformer Corp Chrome Heat Sinks with QQQ Japan high grade 8-Pin Tube Sockets
  • Custom Paint Only - Your favorite car colour!
  • Expected weight: >50 lbs.
  • Expected debut: Summer 2015
  • MSRP $7,200 USD
  • Optional : Copper Chassis $1,200 USD
  • NEW FOR 2016: Customer can pick either using full suit of James Corp Transformers (Reference potted grade), or high end set of Triode Lab Transformers (Made in Canada, to the finest measurements/specifications)

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