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Finalé Audio by Triode Lab Ltd

The Finalé Vocé (Preview)

"New Finalé Vocé starting to ship! But before letting it go, we ran some measurements, and compared those with Wilson Alexia's, as measured by Stereophile. Obviously, you must listen to make up your mind, but we thought it would be interesting to compare our little Vocé to something a lot bigger - and ten times more costly.We ran the measurements with Finalé's new Niagara integrated amp. Only 10 watts, but no slouch in the bass dept." Artheluthe Design


  • 40 to 20000 Hz
  • 4 ohms minimal impedance
  • 150 watts maximum input (unclipped power)
  • 8 watts minimum input (tube)
  • 91 dB @ 2,83 V
  • Second order low pass, first order high pass crossover networks
  • Inverted tweeter
  • 5" Woofer plus our Air Cannon Loudspeaker Transmission System - A hybrid design of horn and transmission line



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