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What’s Cooking in the Finale?!

One thing we know for sure is that success never stops to admire itself. We’ve been super-busy working on new projects and we have a few that we’re ready to disclose. No matter what happens, we know this year will be an exciting one for us and for you!

LATEST NEWS : There will be a price increase to all entry level amps, starting 2016 due to the unfavorable currency exchange, raised cost on parts (from all level - direct pricing from the parts manufacture to importers/distributors, and even local stores, all price gone upward dramatically), and don't mention the inflation - our metal parts manufacture inflated over 50% on chassis and parts. The selection in tube amplifier parts (everything from transformer to caps!) are also fewer, as many smaller brands are being brought out by the bigger multi-corp and either phased out or combined into the bigger name, is also sad to hear two legendary famous HIFI transformer companies in Japan are also quitting the business. BUT, we will keep fighting hard despite its an uphill battle. And forecast 2017 - we will phase out some of our models too and narrow our lineup to maintain the quality to price ratio to our customers.

OUR ROBERT GABOURY / Q&A @ 6moons : its a good coverage, of our companies - Triode Lab / Finale / Tube de Force, and our future!

"I am a designer. If I can focus on designing, I get the opportunity to bring to life new and exciting ideas. We have almost a dozen concepts on the books, some of which are in advanced prototype stages like the Vocé, a bigger version of the Mini and more of a descendant of the Katana than Vivace. The collaboration with Triode Lab has been very stimulating. It is sonic 'haute-couture' but we also share a passion for speakers of the 50s and 60s and we even have a project to bring back value kits based on the JBL and Altec designs of yore. This industry has changed. We need to adapt to survive. I can now pursue projects across multiple brands and not be locked into one single sonic signature which is liberating. "   2016 November

LAGATO Phono Tube Preamp (2017)

Our reference and best phono design!

Those who do not know us... we aren't just expert of tubes in the HIFI application. We were solid state circuitry designer / electronic engineers for on electronics ( from car stereo, radio station/studio equipment, vessels communications engineering, to consumer electronics...etc), to us, designing solid state amps are even more fun and challenging because we are fluent and good at it. But we were also vinyl freaks and connoisseurs...  and speaking of turntables... we mastered it decades ago.

Anyway, the LAGATO will be housed in a large size chassis, as there will be three-four separated sections :

1. MC Input (Handle by ONE DOZEN of high quality transistors, and it will be very best and quiet, and if we say quiet, it is QUIET!)

2. MM Input (the MC then enter this MM stage, or use this input when use with MM cartridge), the signal then goes to OUTPUT for external preamplifier, or goes to the LAGATO's on board tube buffer/preamplifier for directly driving power amplifiers)

3. Line Stage Input (For use as a standard tube preamplifier)

Tube power supply will be external.

This will be a pretty end game as a phono solution.

MAESTRO Tube Preamplifier (2017)

The Maestro preamp will sit in between the PRELUDE and our flagship CONDUCTOR.

It features two 6U8 (One each per channel), and the very same/best tube power supply and 100x phono stage from the PRELUDE.

It will provide to those who would like more gain/drive than the PRELUDE for matching their speakers/amp, but to maintain a one-box solution. With one powerful 6U8 per channel, the MAESTRO will easily yields a 10X Gain, which doubles the gain of the PRELUDE of 4-5X Gain. It will be using direct coupling design, which see the lowest possible phase shift. With the pentode section of the 6U8 use as the input amp and the triode section for impedance matching and cathode follower. We are happy to announce this will be a very low distortion pre-amplifier, this is as good or better to the famous legendary M-7 design. With one more tube than the PRELUDE and slight more complicated circuitry, we decide to add and adopt using a DC power supply stage to lower the working noise at best, which benefits both line stage and the phono stage further.

To those who are not familiar with this tube, it is commonly used for studio and broadcast tasks, in USA and Europe.

And did we tell you there are at least 5 tubes you can use as well : 6U8s, 6BL8/ECF80, ECF82/ECF802 and 6GH8...etc.

Same as the PRELUDE, there will be a 12BH7 or a 12AU7 for the regulating duty, both tube will sound different and safely exchangeable, but the 12BH7 will last longer due to the fact it's a bigger/more powerful tube.

CAVATINA Hybrid Integrate-Amp / Tube Preamp 30W 8 Ohms 50W / 4 Ohms

  • Yes, its a hybrid-integrated amp, and its a sole Class A Tube Preamp too, that also runs in hybrid design.
  • You are buying one item with two high end uses
  • The famous and well praised Western Electric 396a / 2C51 Pair Tubes are used
  • Triode Lab Power Transformer (Quiet / Quality / Durability - MADE IN CANADA / Made with military grade high quality M6 metals)
  • First lucky 100 customer's unit will built with high quality NOS Japanese transistors - it was collected 20-30 years ago from work when we were designing and engineering solid state audio equipment that we were good at, and now combine with what we really like (tubes!). And the tubes are used to drive the transistor directly for the best sound.
  • Debut time : UNKNOWN, But there will be pre-order special.
  • MSRP to be sub $4000-4999 CAD

ondo - Our First Dedicated Tube Phono Stage

  • Coming soon to our lineup, the Rondo is our one-box tube phono stage, to those who are the die-hard fans of tubes, or those who wants am add on to our current integrated amps. The Rondo will share a chassis with the Conductor/Prelude, which enables us to implement the phono stage with a beautiful design. The larger platform also allows us to use larger and more sophisticated parts. and to maintain sufficient distance between the power transformer/power supply and the preamp stage — reducing noise and increasing effective signal transmission.
  • Responding to many customer requests, we have been looking to design a high-quality, one-box solution like the Rondo — one that handles MM and high-output MC cartridges nimbly. Our goal with the Rondo is to create an analog solution that has high gain, very low noise, and the compelling aspects of a live music performance!
  • Our design philosophy is never more important than it is a very sensitive device like a phono preamplifier, which begins with a very low signal. In this case, our commitment to designing the finest power supplies and regulation stages is even more critical, and take the most time in our R&D work. In a phono stage, even more than in other electronics, work must begin with a dramatically low noise floor. We take power supply and regulation very seriously.
  • The Rondo will comprise many of our standard state-of-the-art components, including Mundorf Supreme coupling capacitors, Furutech IEC Gold power cabling, CMC-USA gold-plated RCA hardware, and the 1877 phono ground post. The Rondo's power will be converted by a special power transformer made in Canada to the most exacting proprietary specifications.
  • Not to give away too many secrets, but... Now that we have reached the final R&D stages, it appears likely that the Rondo will have its own volume control (the ability to adjust with different cart), with the ability to drive a power amplifier directly. We can hear the analog chorus singing now!


    F-90.2 Mono Blocks

    • People say we don't have any EL34 amps, as well something more HI END / HI POWER affordable... and here it comes, and we are listening!

    • 4 x EL34 Per Channel, manual bias, in return of a solid 90W of absolute tube power, Class A/B Push Pull

    • 1 super 12X7 as driver

    • Full suit of huge Canadian transformers, all build into the 829B enclosed type chassis

    • Mundorf Evo Oil and Supreme Caps all the way

    • This will be the highest power per dollar amps in our line up and we try to price below $8,999 USD

    F-6V6 (Temporary code name) 6V6 Tube Integrated Amp

    • Fits in between F-168 with 8W per channel and F-348 with 17W
    • Puts out a very solid CLASS A 10 Watts, max out with just 0.3V input sensitivity
    • The 6V6 is known for its lower inner heat, which means a long service life expectancy (many old machines and their 6V6 still running!)
    • Min of 7 tubes will be on the amplifier, which will be fantastic for tube rollers and tube connoisseurs
    • The front end is handled by a 12AX7 at the input (middle front location), then to the 6SN7s, (front 8 pins location on the side) all tubes on the amps are good sounding selections and high availability yet affordable
    • The rest is see how small of a footprint we can put this into
    • This is one of our favorite circuitry with one of my favourite tube (6V6) from a long time, we mastered it when the 6V6 were still 40 cents USD ea! All these tubes are very efficient and easily can yield a good result (both aural and papers). It also sound very best if power is not your priority.
    • MSRP : Again, will be priced between F-168 and F-348, roughly $2499 USD / $2999 CAD
    • Uber model : The R version will be putting out some finest tube 12 Watts (Still Class A) or AB-15W+ with the 8th tube (5AR4) for the rectification. Better coupling caps and bits expected, as well bigger and better output transformers is in-place.
    • Debut : Anytime

    F-666 (Temporary code name) KT66 Tube Integrated Amp

    New speakers coming - THE VIVACE VOCE and the Bella Horn Speakers

    The Vivace BELLA will feature a solid wood horn for the highs with our ear-picked compression driver from EU. We guarantee it's sound is authentic to the very expensive HIFI horns. The BELLA is also perhaps the first pair of 2-Way (or maybe less) full range horn speakers WITHOUT a XO!!! It has been almost another full year of ongoing R&D and drivers matching, and we are happy we have found the right angled horn out of half a dozen of design we think its best. With just 4 Watts from our test amp, we know it will sound very best with our tube amplifiers!

    And here is the Vivace VOCE, it is bigger to the Vivace MINI in all aspect. For the bass cabinet, like the MINI, with our Air Canon Technology. We swear we haven't heard such impressive and size of bass reproduction for a while. From just a 5" Woofer. It will be another success, and easily the best of its kind out there on the market. Most importantly, IT IS HOW WE WANT IT TO SOUND. The top part will be another box to house the tweeter separately away from any possible interference from the woofer, truly high end style and labour intensive. All hand made here in Canada! Not outsourcing from overseas.

    The Vivace GRANDIOSO and Superiore, Can't wait to make it happen! But it IS COMING. |STAY TUNED!

    And like our Vivace Mini - ALL SPEAKERS TO BE HAND MADE IN CANADA. (Quebec Province to be exact). Unlike other speakers manufactures whom source their cabinets from offshore. Creating more jobs and opportunities is one of our original vision that lead to the debut of the brand name.

    TO our CANADIAN Digital Manufactures - CONTACT US please- CD PLAYER / DAC NEEDED.

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